Friday, March 18, 2011

"Gregorian Reflection Group" And The Six Jesuit Members

Superior General Father Adolfo Nicolas, S.J. announced the formation of “a small commission within the general council to discuss, discern, and propose matters related to our common mission,” comprised of the three core secretaries, two general councilors and the father general. “In order to help me regularly reflect on and understand more deeply different realities concerning our mission, I have formed a group based here in Rome that I have called the "Gregorian Reflection Group" (because we meet in the Gregorian University), Fr. Nicolas also revealed.  The six members of the group are professors in different fields from the university: Frs. Giovanni Cucci, José Funes, Michael Paul Gallagher, Daniel McDonald, Theoneste Nkeramihigo, and Hans Zollner.
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TonyD said...

I noticed that they distinguish between three new "principle secretaries" and another secretary for education.

I'm glad to see that distinction.

The Jesuits began general education at a time when there was no real alternative. At this point, the Jesuits should get out of the education business.

I would, however, like to see them start companies as a platform to promote God's values. (Since companies are now creating an oppression of free will through their control of government, law, and information. That makes this a less destructive alternative.)

I can envision Jesuit run Oil companies, Cable companies, Power companies, Trash companies, and Phone Companies. These are all effective monopolies, with high barriers to entry, but obscene profits used to influence government and media -- and ultimately used to corrupt values.

Joseph Fromm said...

Jesuit Frs. Cucci and Zolner have written publicly about the h@mosexual pedophilia problem, I think this is the main reason for the group.

Anonymous said...

Fr Cucci:"There is no connection between paedophilia and homosexuality, just as there is no connection between celibacy and paedophilia", so I don't understand your remark, Joe.

Joseph Fromm said...

We all have are own opinions