Thursday, March 31, 2011

Retreat Master

Donald McGuire, once a prominent Jesuit retreat master, is currently serving a 25-year prison term after conviction on federal sex-abuse charges. Previously convicted on separate charges, he was dismissed from the Jesuit order in 2007 and laicized in 2008. Victims’ lawyers are arguing that the Chicago Jesuit province should be held accountable for McGuire’s offenses, since superiors had received complaints for years before the first formal charges were filed. “I can’t think of another case I’ve studied that has so much notice,” said Terence McKiernan of the 
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Anonymous said...

I was abused by a Jesuit of the Chicago Province.

Knowing the history of my case, I can testify that the Chicago Province showed epic levels of negligence in the oversight & discipline of Jesuit sexual abuser.

Evidence was put directly in front of them. I can scarcely imagine the act of will necessary to ignore what was staring them in the face.

God will not be mocked.