Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fr. James Martin, S.J. On Commiting Adultry

I am not sure of Fr. Martin's reasoning for this post?

Nothing above is surprising or controversial: all of the above are church teaching. But taken together, it raises an important pastoral question for all of us: What kind of life remains for these brothers and sisters in Christ? Officially at least, the g@y Catholic seems set up to lead a lonely, loveless, secretive life. Is this what God desires for the g@y person?

A small portion (here) of a larger post by the Jesuit Fr. James Martin, his post is entitled, What Should A G@y Catholic Do?

Blogger Note: Please read these after you have read Fr. Martins post.

The Vatican document on homosexuals and seminaries-- full text (here)

Some of the Churches teaching on homos@xuality at Catholic Answers (here)

A great post from The Curt Jester on Fr. Martin's post,
What Should an Adulterous Catholic Do?.


me said...

Perhaps he wants us to search our own hearts regarding homosexuals, and how welcome we make them in the Church(or mot, as the case may be)?
Also to consider how it would affect us personally, if as a person we found ourselves restricted in such ways as he mentions.

Joseph Fromm said...


me said...

I don't know anything about this Priest, but have just read another blog post(the curt jester) who seems to think he has a different agenda? I didn't pick up on that, but as I say, I have not heard of him until now.

Anonymous said...

I have found Fr. Martin's writings at the America blog to often fall into confusion over Church teaching; here, in this case, it's in an effort to be "pastoral" at the cost of compromise with Church teaching.

I can only speculate on a potential "different agenda", though by no means am I certain of this nor do I wish to judge the culpability of Fr. Martin: in returning to this issue of homosexuality time and again and this confusion over being "pastoral" vs. implicitly condoning intrinsic evils (which is no good use to the homosexual's--and all of our's-final good: getting to heaven) I tend to wonder if Fr. Martin himself is not trying to justify or explain away something that is a personal struggle or cross.

me said...

Well whatever his heart's intentions, his words allow me to examine my own heart and thinking towards others in the church and human family in general. I am responsible for this area in my life and may be called to account on it one day.
For me to focus on his motives is just to distract me from giving attention to any inner prejudices I may be harboring.

Joseph Fromm said...

It would be interesting to see Fr. Martin, mesh his ideas into the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Specifically The Three Classes of Men, The Two Standards and The Wedding Feast at Cana.

Anonymous said...

to be an adulter is a sin to be gay not.

Anonymous said...

He's at it again: