Friday, November 20, 2009

The Fallout

Last month, the parishioner, Michael Nowacki, attempted to take to the church lectern to tell Mass attendees about a priest who has presided over Mass and other events at St. Thomas More.
The priest, the Rev. Paul Carrier, has also solicited funds from parishioners for a now-suspended Haitian charity tied to a criminal investigation.
Nowacki refused to stop addressing the parishioners until police were called. The former director of the Project Pierre Toussaint, Douglas Perlitz, is currently facing charges of child abuse.
Father Carrier, a Jesuit who is not a St. Thomas More or Bridgeport Diocese priest,
was mentioned in a letter distributed to the parish regarding his role in the church and the charity.

Link (here) to an extensive article in The Darien Times
Photo (here) is of Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J.

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