Thursday, November 19, 2009

German Jesuit Attacked In Zimbabwe

In a letter to the ministry dated Tuesday, the German embassy expressed its
"utter consternation about a violent attack on Father Wolfgang Thamm SJ, by four junior members of the Zimbabwean Army on 15 November 2009 at the city of Banket."
Thamm, a Jesuit priest, was stopped without apparent reason by soldiers as he was driving past an army barracks in the farming town of Banket, about 100 kilometres west of Harare, according to the embassy letter disclosed on Wednesday.
One soldier took the priest's glasses and slammed him in the face, the embassy wrote. The cleric was then ordered by the soldiers to kneel on the ground in a large puddle of water.
When he hesitated to follow the order, he was "brutally kicked several times," the embassy added, calling the incident "totally unacceptable" and "particularly despicable" in view of Thamm's long years of service in Zimbabwe.

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Anonymous said...

Let us pray for this holy man of God. As I continue to read blashempy in America Magazine, I am heartened to know such good Jesuits still exist. Let us pray for his recovery and safety as he does the work of God.