Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Miraculous St. Francis

St. Francis Xavier, the cofounder of the Jesuits, is known as the Apostle of the East for his missionary activities in India and other Oriental countries. In preparation for his feast day (December 3), I have chosen the Miraculous Novena of Grace as our novena this week.

While the words of the prayer do not come from Saint Francis, the idea for the novena does. Eighty-one years after his death, Saint Francis appeared to a dying Jesuit priest (Fr. Marcello Mastrilli, S.J.) and promised his protection to anyone who would pray this novena and go to Confession and receive Communion at least once during the nine days. It's a wonderful way to prepare ourselves for the start of Advent.

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breadgirl said...

I have been searching for a Jesuit blog like this one! I have a special devotion to St David Lewis, the last Welsh martyr. I started a blog, the aim of which is to spread knowledge of, and devotion to, St David Lewis. He, of course, was a Jesuit. Through my own blog, I have learned so much about Jesuits and have come to admire them greatly. So, I will be keeping an eye on your blog! Nice post on St Francis Xavier and a nice Novena idea. Thanks and God bless you.