Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Is Not A Joke

Wearing large rounded glasses, brown slacks, knee-high burnt orange leather boots, and a brown animal print vest that displayed colorful tattoo sleeves adorning both of her arms, transgender author Kate Bornstein read from her memoir-in-progress on Nov. 3.
Sitting on the top step of a folding ladder placed in the center of a cozy living room in Faber House, a Jesuit residence next to Maguire Campus,
Bornstein spoke frankly and passionately about growing up as a boy, spending years as an active and high-ranking member in the Church of Scientology, and being estranged from her daughter.

Bornstein spoke openly about her life, drawing listeners in with her emotion and humor. Although much of the reading spoke on Bornstein's life before her gender reassignment surgery, it was evident that every step of her life, every moment she writes about in the text influenced and were greatly impacted by her gender.

Link (here) to the full story in the Saint Joseph Hawk


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Yet another example of the now constitutional incapacity on the part of Jesuits to adhere to the Magisterium.

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What crap.