Monday, November 16, 2009

A Complete Let Down

By the time that I walked to the back of the church, there was a police officer awaiting me. Someone had actually been instructed to call the police to remove me from the private property where I have been a faithful parishioner for 18 years.

When I asked on whose authority was Officer Gorton suggesting that I was trespassing, he again repeated that they had been called to remove me from the property.

When the officer put his hand on my elbow, I asked him to remove it, but continued to speak with a group of interested parishioners as to what it was that Father J. Barry Furey didn’t want anyone to know in detail.

There were a number of Parish Council members in attendance who came to the defense of Father Paul Carrier, S.J..

Link (here) to the full and compelling letter of a parishioner Micheal Nowacki of St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Darien, CT concerning the actions of Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J. at this church. Fr. Paul Carrier is under investigation for his role in the Haitian Children scandal and the connections between Fairfield University and Doug Perlitz.

Thanks to Ms. Ezili Donato a Boston College educated Haitian born lawyer who posted this letter.

Photo is St.Thomas More Catholic Church
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2 comments: said...

This breaks your heart. How much more can we take?

Suz said...

Sounds like this guy is on his own personal crusade. His letter was rambling and full of indignation. I would ask him if he has prayed about this situation or just let his emotions take over. Where's the Charity? He has already tried and convicted this priest.