Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pone Luctum, Magdalena

The Ecquis binas columbinas is a very graceful poem, and the best passion hymn of the school, but is below the subject. The Tandem audite me is a hymn based on the false interpretation of Solomon's Song, but is very pretty. The Pone luctum, Magdalena is perhaps the greatest of all Jesuit hymns, and has found nine Protestant translators to do it into English. It is rather a fine poem than a fine hymn.

Link (here) to the protestant book entitled, Latin hymn writers and their hymns.

Pone Luctum, Magdalena

Cease thy weeping, Magdalena,

Calm thy grief and dry thy tears,

This is not thine hour of sorrow,

There is now no cause for fears,

But a thousand for rejoicing,

Rise, and give thy gladness voicing,


Smile again, O Magdalena,

Let thy joyous features glow, Every cause of grief is vanished;

Banish every sign of woe ;

Christ has made a glorious morrow,

Triumphed over sin and sorrow.


Sing thy praises, Magdalena,

Christ is risen from the tomb ; Lo, he liveth, lo, he cometh,

Victor over dole and doom ;

Whom we mourned in death's dark prison,

Robed in living light, is risen.


Lift thine eyes, O Magdalena,
And resume thy wonted cheer;

See, how bright his forehead shineth,
See, his wounds like gems appear !
Yea, like pearls the wounds are glowing,
Light on our new life bestowing.


Sing thy praises, Magdalena,

All thy light is come again, Sweet with joy thy bosom swelleth,

For the power of death is vain,

Far away be grief and mourning,

See the risen Lord returning. .

Link (here) to the book entitled, Early Christian Hymns: Series II by Daniel Joseph Donahoe

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Oh. What a Beauty. Thank you.