Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Climate Change Hoax, How Will It Affect The Believers?

This is posted on the website, the main web portal of the Society of Jesus in the United States.

More than 70 Jesuit schools, parishes, communities and organizations across the nation committed themselves to an unprecedented campaign to help reduce climate Justify Fullchange which disproportionally impacts the poor and vulnerable. As part of the Ignatian PeaceAction, students from Jesuit schools, parishioners from Jesuit churches and Jesuit communities have committed to pray and act on climate change issues with a particular emphasis on mitigating the negative effects of climate change on the poor. "The effects of climate change, such as those caused by natural disasters like flooding and droughts, have the greatest negative consequences for those who are the poorest, " said Fr. Jim Stormes (MAR), Secretary for Social and International Ministries for the Jesuit Conference.
"And the potential solutions for reducing the changes we are making on the environment have costs associated with them that disproportionally impact those who are least able to take on the additional financial burden. When considering the possibilities to reduce climate change, the Church always tries to bring the voice of the poor to the discussion."
In a poll released today by Zogby International, 55% of the 1,100 U.S. Catholics polled agreed that climate change is a serious problem with two-thirds agreeing that while all of the causes of global warming may not yet be understood, action must be taken now to lessen its impact. 94% of those surveyed said they have or are willing to act on behalf of reducing global climate change and believe that doing so is consistent with their faith.

Link (here) to the full Jesuit statement from June 29th, 2009

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Blogger Note: Polar bear is not a Jesuit, just a polar bear.


Donald R. McClarey said...

The true believers? Not at all. This should be a matter of science. For far too many global warming alarmists, environmentalism is a substitute religion and it will take far more than manifest fraud by some global warming scientists to shake their faith.

Joseph Fromm said...

Donald I was implying the Christians who believe in Global Warming and what has happened to their moral compass

Anonymous said...

Polar Bear not a Jesuit

I dunno...

He's not wearing clericals and he seems to be perfectly happy clinging to an obviously precarious position!

Joseph Fromm said...

Love it!