Monday, November 2, 2009

The Jesuits In America: Life Magazine October 11th, 1954

45 years ago Life magazine did a twelve page spread on the Jesuits in the United States. Which you can see from the first page (here).

The Life piece features closed Jesuit Novitiates; of Shadowbrook in Lenox, Massachusetts, Sacred Heart Novitiate at Los Gatos near San Jose, California and Woodstock College in Maryland. You will also find interesting comments about the Societies anti-communist work.

Jesuit priests highlighted include;

Fr. Alfred Barrett, S.J., an English professor and poet at Fordham University
Fr. Frank Fadner, S.J., a foreign service and languages (Russian) professor Fordham University
Fr. John Higgins, S.J. and Fr. John Choppesky, S.J. in an aviation program at Parks College.
Fr. William O' Leary, S.J., at the Loyola New Orleans radio station.
Fr. John Ryder, S.J., the bi-ritual Jesuit at St. Andrews in Los Angeles.
Fr. Walshe Murry, S.J., the "Hollywood Jesuit" who analyzed with Hollywood writers their scripts for their moral content and decency.
Fr. Francis J. Hayden, S.J. an astronomer at Georgetown and founder of WGTB.
Fr. Daniel Linehan, S.J. and Fr. Joseph Lynch, S.J. Seismologists.
Fr. Wilfred La Sage, S.J. a spiritual director from the California Province.
Fr. John P. Sullivan, S.J., Fr. Marion Ganey, S.J. and Fr. Gregory Sontag, S.J. are highlighted for their mission work in Honduras.
Fr. Dennis Comey, S.J. is docks Jesuit, he is the keeper of the peace around the docks in Philedephia.
Fr. John Courtney Murray, S.J. Theologian
Fr. Alphonse Schwitalla, S.J. a medical educator at St. Louis University.
Fr. John La Farge, S.J. is the son of the famous artist John La Farge and specialized his work in liturgical arts.
Fr. Bernard Hubbard, S.J. the "Glacier Priest" of Santa Clara University who has traveled extensively to the far north and arctic regions.


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