Monday, July 28, 2008

Sri Lankian Jesuit In Video Interview On The Devastation of 2004 Tsunami

Meet Fr. Paul Satkunanaygam, S.J.
7/24/08 10:06 pm
This short movie is to introduce you to Fr. Paul Satkunanaygam, SJ, a trained counseling psychologist and Catholic priest who founded the Professional Psychological Counselling Centre of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka (PPCC). Fr. Paul has brought counseling to this area traumatized by war and natural disaster. In this segment, he gives a tour of Navalady, a peninsula area, where nearly 3700 people died in The Tsunami of 2004 on February 3, 2005, five weeks after the disaster. He also discusses how he helps others to manage pain, and find resilience.
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Jesuits in Sri Lanka (here)

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