Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Jesuit On Retreat In Jerusalem

Jesuit Scholastic Joe Koczera has blogged strait from the Holy Land, his post is entitled Jerusalem and Amsterdam. Read his blog City and the World.
An excerpt.
I had a fine retreat in Jerusalem, the graces of which came as much simply from walking around and experiencing life in the Old City as from formal periods of prayer.

The Christ I encountered during this retreat was less the Jesus of the Gospels than the Christ of faith who lives in the Church and in the pilgrims from around the world who still flock to Jerusalem despite the precarious political situation.

During the retreat, I spent a few hours every day at my favorite church, the Holy Sepulchre, which you can see behind me in the photo right below the title of this post. I could say a lot more about this - and perhaps will in another post - but for now I'll simply say that I'm thankful for having been able to spend much of my retreat praying and reflecting at the central shrine of Christendom.
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