Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Management Of One’s Life For The Salvation Of The Soul

John Brown, S.J. the author of the Companion of Jesus website, which solely devoted Ignatian spirituality has post some of St. Ignatius' key statements in a section entitled "ANIMA IGNATIANA" - The Ignatian Spirit
This comes from the section called Spiritual Exercises. this name of Spiritual Exercises is meant every way of examining one’s conscience, of meditating, of contemplating, of praying vocally and mentally, and of performing other spiritual actions, as will be said later.

For as strolling, walking and running are bodily exercises, so every way of preparing and disposing the soul to rid itself of all the disordered tendencies

, and, after it is rid, to seek and find the Divine Will as to the management of one’s life for the salvation of the soul, is called a Spiritual Exercise.

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