Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jesuit Is Being Reassigned To Polish Catholic Parrish He Grew Up In, Which Is Named After A Polish Jesuit Saint

Three Saint Stanislaus Board Members Reconciled With Church
—Lawsuit Filed To Reconcile Former Parish
The Archdiocese of St. Louis issued the following statement on July 23, 2008:

Mrs. Bernice Krauze, Mr. Stanley Rozanski, and Mr. Robert Zabielski, members of the Board of Directors of Saint Stanislaus Parish Corporation, met last month (June 10) with Archbishop Raymond L. Burke to be reconciled fully with the Catholic Church. They are once again in full communion with the Catholic Church and are no longer under any censure.Since then, the three have joined other parishioners of the former Saint Stanislaus Kostka parish in filing a lawsuit against the Saint Stanislaus Parish Corporation. The lawsuit is asking for the corporation to adhere to the 1891 Bylaws, to which the parish and the Archdiocese of St. Louis had agreed. If the lawsuit is successful,
the Archdiocese of St. Louis is prepared to appoint a Catholic priest, Rev. Michael Marchlewski, S.J.,
to Saint Stanislaus as administrator.
Q & A Regarding Reconciliation of Saint Stanislaus Board Members and Lawsuit
Text of the Petition Filed in the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis, July 23, 2008 (168.42 Kb PDF file)
Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish Charter (319.12 Kb PDF file)
Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish Articles of Agreement (771.87 Kb PDF file)
Saint Stanislaus Kostka Parish Bylaws (1891) (604.58 Kb PDF file)
Link (here)
Painting is of St. Kostka, S.J.


Anonymous said...

I would like to correct your headline. Fr. Michael Marchlewski, SJ, is not a "Polish Jesuit Missionary," but an American of Polish descent. Fr. Marchlewski was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, baptized in St. Stanislaus Kostka parish, the very one in question. As a Jesuits he has served many, many years as a teacher in the high schools of the Missouri Province.
Fr. Louis McCabe, S.J.

Joseph Fromm said...

Thank you Fr. McCabe for adding the details to the story that did not exist. It is even more of a wonderful story. I used the term "missionary" because of the canonical status of the parish.


Anonymous said...

Fr.Marchlewski (Fr. Marco) is a great man. He was an inspiration to me throughout highschool at DeSmet. If anyone could get in touch with me via email and give me his email address I would love to reconnect with him.
God Bless!

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I will be your frequent visitor, that's for sure.

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