Friday, July 25, 2008

Can You Decipher This?

"while rightly affirming the growing need for a strong papacy in the paradoxical face of increasing globalization and nationalism, does not take sufficient account of inculturation as the necessary enfleshment of the one Gospel in all times and places; the relationship between unity and inculturation—or between primacy and collegiality—should not be a balancing act, but a reinforcing one. "
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Jesuit John said...

*** The world is becoming one big place because of trade between nations and the imposition of cultures (economically viable ones influence poorer nations). A pope that unifies us based on human dignity rather than how relevant we are to the market place would be a good thing. But a strong pope seems to open up another can of worms: it might hurt diversity. God comes to us where we are, preserving diversity. That’s how the gospel can be for everyone, everywhere and always. This can of worms shouldn’t be a can of worms. The idea is that a strong unifying pope ought to reinforce the diversity.***

Not saying that I agree with the characterization, but that’s more or less what that paragraph means.

Joseph Fromm said...

Thank you for the translation.