Friday, July 25, 2008

Debilitating Malaise

In an article in America magazine
July 17, 1993
Jesuit Richard McCormick (RIP) wrote that the prohibition of any serious discussion of the encyclical had led to "a debilitating malaise that has undermined the credibility of the magisterium in other areas."
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Jesuit John said...

"..prohibition of any serious discussion..."

That's funny. I've had "serious discussions" about H.V. numerous times; By discussing it with others who are faithful to it's teachings, I came to understand it better and accept it more fully! I had no idea there was a prohibition! ;)

Jesuit John said...

oops! I "it's" should read "its"

Anonymous said...

"I came to understand it better and accept it more fully!" as maybe 2% of Catholic people!

There’s nothing wrong with NFP achieving the same end by more complicated means, while having less sex as any married catholic knows, of course.

Joseph Fromm said...

I have two small children, yet people will comment "You have done enough, 2 is plenty" I reply I am a late life father, but I think it is possible and it is our goal to have four children. The response then becomes, "Oh,you are one of those!"