Sunday, July 13, 2008

Junk Science And Junk Theology

This is from the American Magazine blog In All Things.
An excerpt.
Voters in low-lying coastal regions, from Boston to Miami to Long Beach, have an especially critical interest in addressing climate change, an interest that corresponds to the moral dictates discovered in Genesis. Let us exploit that interest, and not the environment. Let our preachers remind their flocks: Our lives and our actions, even our second cars, are not entirely our own. The goods of the earth come with obligations to the Creator.
Link to the full blog post (here)
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Anonymous said...

The pope too is worried about climat changes, Joseph.Do you think he is making junk science and junk theology?
You need to be more careful in your slander postings.

"Benedict also signaled he would speak about global warming during his Sydney visit because it was an issue of concern to young people.

The pope said there is a need to "wake up consciences" about the issue.

"We have to give impulse to rediscovering our responsibility and to finding an ethical way to change our way of life," he said. Politicians and experts must be "capable of responding to the great ecological challenge and to be up to the task of this challenge," he added."

Joseph Fromm said...

Global warming is a fraud. A tool of leftists to inflict more regulations and taxes on the world. What ever happened cleaning up the rivers, cutting down on smoke stack pollution, picking up litter and buying sensitive natural tracks for long term preservation?

Anonymous said...

"Global warming is a fraud"

The pope doesn't think so,he spoke very clearly about this many times at the Vatican, to the Jesuits, when he received Heads of States.
Do you know he sponsored a conference about this in a Catholic University in Rome?

But you like other conservative people are "the cafeteria is open"catholic.
In reality you don't care anything about the pope and you don't listen to him.