Monday, April 12, 2010

SNAP Working With Lawyers To Target Jesuits In The Chicago Province

The Dallas Blog responded in an e-mail that Ms. Barbara Dorris should be focusing more attention on the Jesuits in the Chicago Archdiocese, especially, a former Jesuit investigator, who also faces s@x abuse allegations. His name is Fr. James Gschwend, a Jesuit priest and unlicensed but practicing psychiatrist at Ballarmine Retreat House located in Barrington, Illinois
Ms. Dorris responded that SNAP is continuing its investigation of the Jesuits in Chicago, so please "be patient." Two days later, the Dallas Blog received another e-mail that SNAP members should contact a "Houston reporter." 
In a phone conversation with the Dallas Blog last summer, Barbara Blaine, a SNAP leader, revealed that she was "working closely" with many reporters all over the country and helping them get into contact with attorneys who represent clients of s@x abuse. After she was asked if this was a conflict of interest, she explained that major media organizations are facing tight budgets and that the law firms help reporters with "travel expenses."
Link (here) the article entitled, Jeff Anderson Uses SNAP to Recruit S@x Abuse Clients found at the Dallas Morning News's, the Dallas Blog.

Photo is of SNAP founder Barbara Blaine at press function at the Vatican (here)

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Oh yeah! That sounds "fair and balanced." Trial lwayers wining and dining lying, liberal anti-Catholic bigots.