Friday, April 23, 2010

Marymount With Jesuit Connections

Mother Marie Joseph Butler, Superior General of the Religious of the Sacred Heart (1926-1940) and founder of Marymount in Tarrytown-on the Hudson, New York, (Now a part of Fordham) was a woman with an insatiable zeal for the missions.
She aimed "to make holy women cultured and cultured women holy". As a consequence, Mother Marie Joseph inspired the girls in her school to pray for missionaries all over the world and the work she fostered was the sewing of church vestments and linen.
The impact of Mother Butler’s zeal was such that when she died on April 23, 1940, Mrs. Marion Dolan, an alumna of Marymount, decided to perpetuate the charitable endeavor that Mother Butler started.
Six years after Mother Butler’s death, the MBMG was born and the Philippines was privileged to be its first beneficiary.
At a mass in St. Margaret’s Church in Pearl River, New York, Rev. Thomas A. Mitchell SJ expressed a plea on behalf of the missions in this country. Through this priest’s suggestion, Mrs. Clara O. Corpus visited Mrs. Marion Dolan in New York upon which (in 1955) the founding of the Mother Butler Mission Guilds in this country was born. 
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