Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fr. Matt Linn, S.J., Made Use Of the Sacramental Of Blessed Salt, Which He Always Carried With Him

I then explained how 'spirits' manifest themselves in different ways according to the various cultural and religious backgrounds. Francis MacNutt took many photos and referred to this case on pages 116-118 in his well-known practical manual, 'Deliverance from Evil Spirits', published in 1995, and even reproduced the interview he had with me in Appendix 2, on pages 304-315 at the end of the book. I then bid them pray for the girl's deliverance. They took turns one by one during the breaks throughout the day praying over her using various methods or approaches. Francis MacNutt himself prayed with the laying on of hands, while Fr. Matt Linn, S.J., made use of the sacramental of blessed salt, which he always carried with him, and his twin brother, Dennis Linn, preferred to use holy oil, which was always in his pocket.

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