Monday, April 12, 2010

America Magazine Blogger On A Cult-Like Regime And Fascistic Associations

Here is portion of  some "journalistic mudslinging" from America's blog, In All Things.

An excerpt.
Archbishop Jose Gomez is the first Opus Dei bishop in the United States. (You can bet Dan Brown is looking for increased sales of “The DaVinci Code” in LA over the next few months.) 
There was a time when that might have worried me, when Opus Dei had not been homogenized with the universal Church, and was still a little too close to its Spanish origins and the specifically fascistic associations those origins entailed. 
But, today, Opus Dei strikes me simply as a highly motivated and organized group of Catholics, who certainly tend to the right, 
but who are not prone to the kind of cult-like regimens that characterize the Legionnaires,
for example. Yesterday, a bishop, who has known Gomez for years, recalled his election to head an organization of Hispanic priests. The organization was left-of-center and the bishop said he had been surprised that they selected an Opus Dei priest. “That gives you some flavor of the man’s personal qualities,” he said.
Link (here) to read Micheal Sean Winter's latest at America's blog.

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Anonymous said...

Archbishop Gomez's appointment to Los Angeles has been received with delight by orthodox Catholics all over the world. It is also a bonus that a hispanic bishop has been appointed. But, most of all, people are praying that this will mark a departure from the nightmare policies of Cardinal Mahony. Some are anticipating that he will have twenty years ahead in Los Angeles. That should be long enough to effect improvements and bring the diocese back into the Church. But the nightmare of doing so is painful to contemplate and prayers are needed for his success. This is one of the best and most subtle appointments made by Pope Benedict XVI so far.