Saturday, April 17, 2010

They Preferred Speculations

Liturgists preferred the speculations of Fr. Raymond E. Brown, S.S., harnessed to their agenda, rather than the dry and fixed formulations found in Denzinger-Schönmetzer or Neuner-Dupuis, the canons of the councils, the writings of the popes, or the revised liturgical books which came directly from The Second Vatican Council. Brown, who had achieved virtually untouchable celebrity status, could be used in a congenial way to justify their positions, or so it seemed, and the voices of resistance, such as those of Msgr. George Kelly and Manuel Miguens, or Hans von Balthasar, were not to be admitted to the discussion. That they could be the best minds of our church did not seem to matter.

Link (here) to the lengthy article The Rotten Fruits of a Fashionable, Unserious Liturgist by Fr. Brian Van Hove, S.J. found at his blog entitled Fr. Brian Van Hove's blog

Photo is of  Fr. Raymond E. Brown, S.S.

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Brian said...

Photo is of Raymond E. Brown!

Joseph Fromm said...

You are correct! Good catch.