Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hippy + Jesuit = Hippuit

Fr. Richard McSorly, S.J.
The hippie movement was led by Jesuits such as Father Richard McSorley of Georgetown University  (1914-2002). McSorley was known as a peace activist and even "Marxist priest." He was a trusted adviser and tutor to the Kennedy presidential family, and was also associated with Bill Clinton, who studied at Georgetown in the early 1960s. In an interview with Rick Martin of SPECTRUM magazine, one controversial author and talk-show host claims that "the Beatles were Jesuit-controlled" and that the drug world is controlled by Rome via the Mafia—which is Jesuit controlled. Sir George Martin, the Beatles' producer, attended a Jesuit college. This hippie movement twisted the true understanding of Christ. Instead of God and Saviour, Jesus was seen as a political activist. It was taught that Jesus fulfilled the needs of all cultures, creeds, and aspirations—Christian or not. This new culture—rife with drugs, fictional entertainment, and rock music—effectively distracted Protestants around the world from true spirituality, which was exactly what the Jesuits were striving to do. Age theology and Earth-worship also spread in this era, partially through the work of scientist James Lovelock and his Gaia hypothesis
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Blogger Note: The author of this article is anti-Catholic, a Protestant who blames the Protestant problems on the Jesuits

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