Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sin In The Modern World

"......growing number of Catholics who are living their spiritual lives in a kind of tense Catholic limbo. Some never go to Mass, while others do so occasionally. The vast majority of them have no idea what they would confess, if they ever went to confession, because they disagree with church authorities on what constitutes sin in the modern world."
Which contributor to America Magazine said this? Find out (here)


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Gary: How about a new weekly post? You can call it "Name the Heretic";)

Sin and Its Consequences

St. John. From his opening prologue St. John the Evangelist depicts the coming of Christ as the advent of light into a world steeped in darkness and the shadow of death. He says I quote, “The light has come into the world and men have loved the darkness better than the light because their works were evil.” John 3:19. Sinners by definition are opposed to the truth. Why? Because they dread it, they fear that their works will be made known. Quote John, “Whoever does evil hates the light.” How often over the years I have consoled myself, for example; it is almost ten years now that several television stations in Chicago have been trying to engage a debate, they call it dialogue, between yours truly and the notorious Hans Küng. Hans Küng hates the light. He has consistently refused, he knows he’s a charlatan pretending to be a Catholic.

What John is telling us is that sinners willfully blind refuse to recognize evil when they see it. So that Christ can say to them, “If you are blind”, hear these words, “ if you were blind you would be without sin, but you say ‘we see’ your sin remains.” There is a pathetic logic in the sinners twisted thinking. They realize down deep in their hearts that what they are doing is wrong, but if they admit it, even to themselves, that their conduct is sinful, they would have to repent. Which means that they would have to surrender their will to God. Instead they persist in their wickedness and allow their wills to close their minds to the truth. Some of these statements took me twenty years to put together. I’ve seen it and it is a terrifying sight to behold: willful, unrepentant sin.:

--John Hardon SJ

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Oh, great--you bring the torch and I'll bring the pitchfork.

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Thank God for Father Hardon!