Thursday, March 22, 2012

Retort To The Weak-Kneed Editors

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal  George
"The Bishops speak for the Catholic and apostolic faith, and those who hold that faith gather around them. Others disperse." — Francis Cardinal George (Feb. 14, 2012)
It is no surprise that dissenting, protesting Catholics—those I've lately been calling "cave-in Catholics", in homage to Cardinal Dolan's retort to the weak-kneed editors of America magazine—thumb their noses at papal speeches, conciliar texts, and formal, Magisterial teaching. What is somewhat curious is how they try to justify their disdain for popes, bishops and the dread "Vatican" by simply saying, "After all, very few Catholics in the U.S. pay attention to Church teaching anymore. See this poll! Watch this interview! Check out these stats!" What is far more curious is how these cave-in Catholics—having indeed caved-in to the dominant beliefs about contraception, abortion, cohabitation, homosexuality, and so forth—think this "argument" is both pure genius and completely unassailable. But such Catholics are not, when all is said and done, truthful with the facts, willing to face the truth, or interested in seeing how truth, facts, and the Catholic faith are not only compatible, but are competely and fully compatible. 
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Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Anon,

Clean up your comment a bit. The two subjects are not comparable. Mariel is also a dissenter, but also a fraud.

Maria said...

This article was truly top drawer.
Thank you!

While we are on the subject of dissent, the 2012 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION CONGRESS IN LA provides a Guide for "LGBT Catholics and Their Families": (Good to know, huh?)

The following presentations are recommended. See the brochure @

SPEAKER: James Martin, SJ

Uh, oh ;)

SPEAKER: Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ, PhD, STD

Oh, what I would not give to be a fly on the wall for this!

SPEAKER: Fr. Thomas Weston, SJ

Sometimes, I wonder: how can the Bishops expect the White House to listen to us when we, as a Church, behave as we do, decade after decade, with impunity. Oh, and Bishop Gomez will say Mass, thus providing his imprimatur.

God, I am running out of patience.

Maria said...

However, some Catholics are already protesting the speakers, according to a press release issued by Concerned Roman Catholics of America. Urging Catholics to join the group in its "dissent-fest," Kenneth M. Fisher, chairman of Concerned Roman Catholics of America warns, "We need to warn thousands of Catholics that they'll hear speakers who spread doubts about Church teachings on abortion, homosexuality, contraception, women's ordination and the Pope's authority."

A priest who's said he's "not anti-choice," has publicly discussed his genitals, and has criticized the idea that truth is superior to dissent;
A priest who says the Church needs "public models" of "healthy gay priests for Catholics to reflect on," to counter "the stereotype of the gay priest as child abuser;"
A professor who subtly undermines Church teachings on papal authority, sodomy, contraception and women's ordination;
A nun who's taught that "ordinary genital self-touch can be very important" for children; and
A laicized priest who wants not only women priests but also women bishops.

Anonymous said...


If you can't argue the topic, you just delete the post, right?

The whole point was that Maciel, the priest who raped his own sons who finally passed away, was a fraud, and so were the priests whose duty it was to investigate and stop him, but who kept the fraud going by not doing so.

They just happen to be John Paul II and Dsiwz, one of his closest allies.

Joseph Fromm said...

Your dog don't hunt!

Clement said...

hi Maria - why the hatred to gays and lesbians . Most priests are gay face it celibate or not . The least the churcha can do is address hatred spewed by people like you. remember Matthew Shepard ? if you think that by not adressing LOVE FOR ALL GODS CHILDREN and teaching that love is only between man and a woman you are playing god trying to dictate nature . Ehat a self rightious person you are ! If you do have kids and what if they were gay Maria ?