Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Promoting A Culture Of Contraception And Abortion

Tim Reidy an editor at America Magazine promoting the radical Catholic dissident writer Valerie Schultz (here)

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Maria said...

I responded to her article and the below posted comment was deleted at America Magazine by Editor TIM REIDY. I post it here for anyone it might benefit.

"For me it is strange that contraception is suddenly a big Catholic concern."--Valerie Schulz

This I will grant you. Fifty percent of “the hierarchy” in the United States betrayed the Vicar of Christ, Pope Paul VI, and publicly denounced Humanae Vitae. Pope Paul VI pounded his fists on his desk and cried to Father General Arrupe, saying, “Defend the church. Show the Church once again, in her hour of need, that the sons of Ignatius know what do!” Safe to say his cry fell on deaf ears.

Charles Curran taught the virtues of contraception and abortion for eighteen years before Pope JP II finally removed him in 1986 from Catholic University. Seminaries still use texts, emboldedened w/ imprimaturs from above, that deny the infallible and consistent tradition of the church which has always and everywhere, since its inception, declared that contraception and abortion are grave sins. As you say, we should not be surprised that there is gambling going on here.

As our Catholic, academic institutions became corrupt, so too our body politic. Sibelius, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Kennedy et al are not mere anomalies. They did not just materialize out of thin air. There cannot be this many “Catholic” politicos denying the teachings of the Church without, at the same time, there having been a Church that led them there, by either failing to preach the Gospel , or, there having been a church that subverted the Gospel altogether. Some of you may be too young to recall the illustrious political career of Congressman Drinan SJ. As it turns out, preaching the Gospel really does matter.

As you rightly highlight, our homilies are devoid of any reference to the evil of contraception. The proclamation of the Gospel comes at a price. Thus it has ever been and will ever be. Some there are who would prefer to avert the insults and mockery that comes with proclaiming the Word, but we see now that this silence comes at a far greater cost.

When I was in grad school, training to become a psychiatric Social Worker, I was provided some sage advice by a veteran Social Worker, after looking to cut corners. She said:” if you don’t pay the price for the patient by doing the difficult things that need to be done on a patient’s behalf, the patient pays for your negligence.” I have never forgotten this.

Something for our Shepherds to consider: the wolves will devour the sheep if someone doesn’t stand guard, at the ready, to protect them. How women have paid, in exactly the ways that Pope Paul VI predicted. Some women have paid with the aftermath of abortion and the loss of grace that attends the commission of mortal sin (why didn’t they tell us?), broken relationships that never ended in marriage, addiction, mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases, and, for some, loveless lives without family or children (all we needed was a career, right?), and loneliness that stretches as far as the eye can see.

My love for Fr. Hardon is oft ridiculed in these parts but I can tell you this—when I discovered Fr. Hardon and the truths of my Catholic faith, I felt like I had been mugged and rolled in a dark alley. I felt like I had been robbed. I could not believe what some priests had tried to keep hidden from me. Fr. Hardon help me save my life.

No matter.

God is good. Many of our Bishops have been asleep for the last forty years. They have awakened from their slumber. The desolation of the vineyard is now visible even to those with the dimmest of vision. They are awake, and, so am I. Deo gratias.