Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Butyrum Et Mel Comedet

To bow before Boy-Jesus poor,
Kingly Shepherd and Shepherd-King,
Through yonder open stable-door
Herds and kings are hastening;
The God of Strength, the Lord of Might,
Emmanuel, Sweetness Infinite,
Enthroned on Mary's maiden-breast,
And lulled by her to softest rest.
One day shall pass to Nazareth
This royal and all heavenly Boy,
Of country air to breathe the breath
And taste the peasant's simple joy;
To labour hard throughout the day,
Spend happy eves in restful play,
At Mother's table take His seat,
Butter and honey to bless and eat.
Isaias VII: 15
Fr. David Bearne, S.J. 

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