Friday, March 2, 2012

Fr. Jacques Bigot, S.J.: Old School Jesuit Evangelization

Souls in Hell
The usual reply that both the men and the women make, when they do not consent to do what I tell them, in order to prepare themselves to become Christians, is that they are too wicked for that. 
Some say this truthfully, owing to the high opinion that they have of the greatness of our religion; and I endeavor to encourage them, by assuring them that the great God whom they have offended is so good that he will freely forgive them, if they are really desirous of serving him. 
I have seen several who were animated by the few words that I said to them, and who renounced all their vices in a manner that surprised me; and they have manifested great constancy in this, for I have not yet found one in fault from the Beginning of their conversion. Others say it solely through attachment to their evil ways, which they will not abandon. 
I endeavor, as much as I can, to inspire them with Fear of the fires of hell, in which all burn who have ever fallen into the same evil ways that I reprove in them. I show them some pictures of hell that I have; or I direct some fervent Christian, who is capable of instructing them, to show and explain these to them. 
Sometimes I am present at these explanations, without saying anything, in order to see what ideas our Christians form of our mysteries, and what replies are made by those whom they Instruct. When any new-comer arrives, his relatives come to beg me to lend them these instructive pictures, that they may explain the same to him. Haregouessemit came this morning to ask me for them. If you could procure me some pictures of the Judgment, of hell, of purgatory, and of paradise, such as you know would suit the minds of these Savages, you would Infinitely oblige me. 
Link (here) to Fr. Jacques Bigot, S.J. and his letter in The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents

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