Monday, November 7, 2011

Manilla Jesuit On The Dead, Dwarves, Kything, Hypnotism And Synchronicity

Fr. Jaime "Fr. Bu"  Bulatao, SJ
Fr. Jaime Bulatao, S.J., the founder of the Department of Psychology in Ateneo de Manilla University can communicate with creatures that are normally invisible such as the dead and the dwarves. In one of his experiences, he asked a favor from a dwarf named “Anilaida” to help fix a diamond ring for a family. “As soon as the [Vargas family] got [home], they put the ring and the diamond in the middle table. Within ten minutes, [the ring and the diamond] disappeared. [When] they came back from lunch, they went up, and on top of the pillow, there was the ring and the diamond put into it, so you can be sure that there were energies at work. And furthermore, there was intelligence. [Anilaida] understood English,” he says. The psychology professor doesn’t keep his gift to himself. In fact, he allows many of his students to explore the workings of the normally invisible entities to either help them develop their sixth sense or satisfy their curiosity for a bizarre experience.
One of the many things that he taught was kything or the ability to send one’s presence somewhere where he is not physically present. Another would be the experience to communicate with someone without the use of direct words whether that person is physically present or not. It works in such a way that both you and the person you want to communicate with end up thinking about each other, allowing you both to communicate even with the absence of concrete words. 
Lisa, one of the students who Fr. Bulatao had taught, narrated her spiritual encounter with her mom. “Father, in a way, hypnotized me. He made me think of my mom, and she already passed away. At that moment, I really felt she was there, so in a way, I was able to communicate with her,” she says. In all of these things, Fr. Bulatao talks of the positive energies working around people. These are what make the illusionary occurrences a reality, such as the bending of the fork done only through rubbing its surface. In the same way, these positive energies are capable of telling one about the future or an answer to a yes-or-no question. “There’s… something else besides us. In the West, they talk of cause and effect. In the East, they talk of synchronicity. I discovered it by accident,” he says. “I was in Meralco Theatre [when] the people had asked me to do an illustration of hypnosis. While I was there, I hypnotized the whole group. I said, ‘Go up into the ceiling.’ Sure enough, when they were already near the ceiling, I shouted, ‘Be careful of the lights.’ The light [bulb] right then and there burst. So, I call that synchronicity… meaningful events that join together at the same time. Simultaneous,” he adds.
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