Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Monkey

As one enters the Jesuit Middle School of Omaha (JMSO) building, it is easy to see that it is decorated in traditional African colors of green, gold, red and black. There are many colorful tiles and painted lines displayed throughout the hallways, common area and even the gymnasium. However, the sixth grade class is taking the “green” color one step further by incorporating the Green Monkey Recycling Project into their curriculum. According to Mr. Mansour, project moderator and sixth grade teacher, the Green Monkey Project was born during a reading class in September 2006 during a lesson on sequence of events. Students were asked to invent characters and make up a story to practice sequence of events. From there, the Green Monkey and his nemesis, the Orange Tiger, were born. The class soon developed a story line about how the Orange Tiger destroyed the Green Monkey’s village, probably by polluting it. In an effort to make JMSO more eco-conscious, students researched various forms of recycling and pollution. With its mascot the Green Monkey, the then fifth grade class created the Green Monkey Schools website, dedicated to recycling and “green” uses of resources. Recycling bins for paper, metal and plastic products are located throughout the school and collected weekly for pick up. In addition, JMSO also utilizes printer cartridge recycling, double-sided copies, turning off the lights when not in use and energy conservation with computers and monitors. Students have also traveled to Holy Name, St. Pius/St. Leo, Holy Ghost and All Saints grade schools to present their ideas and to ‘audit’ the recycling efforts practiced at their schools.
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