Thursday, November 3, 2011

Priest Removed From Ministry Former Jesuit High School Teacher

Fr. William "Bill" Freeser
Jesuit High School president the Rev. David Suwalsky, SJ released the following statement regarding a priest accused of sexual abuse: "It has been brought to our attention by the Diocese of Sacramento that the Rev. William "Bill" Feeser, a priest of the Diocese of Sacramento and a former faculty member (1982-1995), has been accused of sexual misconduct. The event in question took place prior to Fr. Feeser's employment at Jesuit High School. He has been removed from ministry in accord with diocesan policy which in no way judges the veracity of his accuser nor Fr. Feeser's culpability."
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Anonymous said...

What's new?

Anonymous said...

Your headline is misleading. He has not been at Jesuit since 1995 so he was not "removed". Also, he is not a Jesuit, but was a regular priest hired technically as a lay faculty member.

Unknown said...

Father Bill was the best. May his soul rest in peace!!!!!
I love you Father Bill!!!!!!!! He married me and Earl and buried both my parents. He was one amazing priest. He will be missed.