Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fr. John Morse, S.J. 75 Children 3 Decades Others Nearly 400 Children

"Father Morse's face is what I remember. Not the other kids. Not my teachers. Just his face." 
Father John Morse, S.J. is accused of molesting at least 75 foster children at the school over the course of some 3 decades. Others at St. Mary's are belived to have abused nearly 400 more. All of them were under DSHS supervision. 
Morse denies molesting children. He was never prosecuted for any crime because the statute of limitations has run out. He currently lives in a Jesuit retirement home in Spokane, under 24 hour supervision. A settlement with other victims earlier this year bankrupted the Northwest Jesuit Order.
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Anonymous said...

This has to be a conspiracy,of greed to bankrupt the church for personal gain by the accusers. It is sickening how many innocent people are accused, and their lives ruined by such people like this. If this really happened ,why did it not come out years earlier? Maybe because it did not happen.