Friday, November 18, 2011

James Joyce On Spanish Jesuit

Fr. Juan Mariana de Talavera, S.J.
.....that the rights of property are provisional and that in certain circumstances it is not unlawful to rob. Everyone would act in that belief. So I will not make you that answer. Apply to the Jesuit theologian Juan Mariana de Talavera who will also explain to you in what circumstances you may lawfully kill your king and whether you had better hand him his poison in a goblet or smear it for him upon his robe or his saddlebow. Ask me rather would I suffer others to rob me or, if they did, would I call down upon them what I believe is called the chastisement of the secular arm? 
Link (here) to read the portion of the James Joyce quote from the semi-autobiographical novel entitled, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 
Joyce refers to Jesuits nine times in this book, see them (here) 
The notorious g@y Jesuit Fr. Robert Carter credits this book for his conversion to the Catholic faith.

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