Sunday, June 19, 2011

The True End Of Man

The earth, a comparatively small region of the solar system, is man's temporary habitation, the place, in which his life is originated, developed and completed. But what is the task which he is expected to accomplish during his brief sojourn in the present world? God creates nothing without a purpose or end. 
If His own rational creatures do nothing without some object or design, the same must, with far greater reason, be said of the infinite Creator, who could not make man, the crown and complement of creation, without a wise purpose, so that human existence might not be useless, so to speak, and meaningless. 
No necessity whatever pressed God to create the world, or man its inhabitant, for the infinitely perfect Being stands in need of nothing external to Himself. But when He once decreed to create, it was necessary that He should wish to attain by creation an end worthy of Himself. Such is evidently the postulate demanded by His infinite wisdom. Intending to speak further on of God's purpose in the creation of the universe, we ask now what is the end for which God made man?
Link (here) to read the mentioned portion of the book entitled, The Future Life by the one time Superior of the California Mission Fr. Joseph Casimir Sasia, S.J.

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