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Black Culture, Fr. J. Glenn Murray, S.J. And Leprosey Of The Soul

Fr. J-Glenn Murray, S.J.
Jesuit priest James "J-Glenn" Glenn Murray was recently removed from ministry by his provincial after a credible accuser came forward about s@xual impropriety conducted by Fr. Murray. 
You can read about the  specifics  of the case (here).  

Below is an excerpt of a blog post by Fr. Jim McDermott, S.J. after he attended a Mass presided by Fr. Murray.

I attended the "Black Culture" liturgy, presided over by Fr. J-Glenn Murray, S.J., a liturgist renowned for his respect for the mass and his challenging depth of insight.  I went mostly to hear what J-Glenn had to say; and he was good, as always. He talked about the angers that we hold on to as a sort of "leprosy of the soul", eating away at us from the inside.  Really good stuff. (Here's some J-Glenn videos I found online.) But looking back, the most profound thing to happen to me at that Mass occurred during the opening procession. Rather than simply processing in, first the deacon holding aloft the book of the Gospels and
then J-Glenn actually danced up the central aisle, their movement a steady sway to the rhythm combined with fantastic 360 degree spins akin to a child imagining he is a soaring plane.  It was those spins that got me, the relish of it, the sense of a joy so wonderful 
it has to be delighted in, expressed.  More than any words could, they drew me into the Mass as a moment of celebration.  
Link (here) to the lengthy blog post by Fr. Jim McDermott, S.J. at his blog entitled, Gone Walkabout.


Anonymous said...

Father J-Glenn Murray, S.J., known to his students at Gonzaga as GAY-JENN Murray, has done so much harm to the Church. Only a FAGGOT would dance at Mass; only a FAGGOT would do “360 degree spins akin to a child imagining he is a soaring plane.” When are all these QUEER LITURGISTS going to be done away with? Gregorian University’s Q.L. Father Keith Pecklers, S.J., is still on the loose, despite the sex scandal, despite the shame. What is most sad is that no one is doing anything about this dreadful situation. SANCTE IGNATI, ORA PRO NOBIS.

Maria said...

Uh, huh. "Father" McDermott lists his favorite movies at his blog "Gone Walkabout". And guess what? Brokeback Mountain is listed as one of his "10 favorite movies".
SANCTE IGNATI, ORA PRO NOBIS, indeed. When will the filth in the Church be expelled? When?

Michele said...

I went to National Catholic Youth Minister’s Conference a few years ago and had my first exposure to J-Glenn Murray. I walked out of his ‘talk’ in protest.

His hateful and disrespectful language towards the US Military and the US Government, right after 9-11, was awful. I’ve never heard a priest spew such garbage in my life.

I’ve avoided all of his talks at the LA Congress and any other Catholic Conference where he’s been a speaker.

Lot said...

Dear Anonymous,
We Catholics should not use such derogatory language. Instead of using the term FAGGOT, you should use the correct biblical term SODOMITE.

Anonymous said...

One would persume that Keith Pecklers, will not be allowed to celebrated Mass in any public church, or wear the roman collar ...which few sjs do anyway..I guess only the american sjs know about him in the eternal city.....he is lucky for now any way....but when and if he comes back to the states he will be part of the dallas charter

Maria said...

Boston Archdiocese Backs Gay Pride Mass
June 21, 2011 by Joe Sacerdo

It’s pretty bad in Boston. The Archdiocese of Boston, where “relativism” remains a household word, has flip-flopped yet again becoming the “John Kerry” of firm decision-making by now firmly backing a Catholic Mass to celebrate Gay Pride.

First the Archdiocese was allowing Mass for the purpose of celebrating and commemorating Gay Pride at St. Cecilia’s in Boston. Then they said it had to be cancelled, but there would be a Mass in the future to welcome the community, but not specifically gays and lesbians. Now, the “Mass marking gay pride is back on” with the full endorsement of the archdiocese. This hit the Monday morning news after Catholic bloggers including us revealed how for years St. Cecilia’s has been sponsoring speakers who support gay marriage, in direct opposition to Catholic teachings.

Here’s the statement issued by the archdiocese on June 19:

June 19, 2011 – Archdiocese of Boston statement regarding prayer service at St. Cecilia Parish Boston

The Archdiocese of Boston is committed to evangelization and to being a welcoming Church for all of God’s people. St. Cecilia’s is a wonderful example of the exceptional parishes in the Archdiocese which seek to serve the Catholic faithful with grace, dignity, respect, compassion and love and being devoted to the Gospel and Christ’s saving ministry.

The reports that the Mass, originally scheduled for June 19th, was cancelled are not accurate. Rather the Mass was postponed. As indicated in the statement of the Archdiocese on June 10, a Mass welcoming the wider community of the faithful, including gays and lesbians, will be held. The Mass has been rescheduled to Sunday, July 10th at 11am.

We respect the desire of those individuals organizing and participating in the prayer service. We know that the postponement of the June 19th Mass has been disappointing to them. Our hope and prayer is that we can come together as one community of Catholics sharing in the Lord’s divine love for each of us.”

You can read the rest @

Something Fr. Hardon said stays in my mind: "No hersey in the Catholic Church ever succeeded w/out the conset of Bishops".

What exactly does the laity have to do get the Bishops to be men?

Maria said...

I appreciated his concluding paragraph:

"Can anyone confirm the archdiocese has an “ad limina” visit with the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI in the fall to review the state of the diocese? Me thinks this scandal needs to go on the agenda. If something’s not done about this travesty and scandal in the next few days, ***I think we’re going to have to mount a national campaign to the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI asking for the resignation of Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Bishop Hennessey, Terry Donilon, Fr. Unni, and anyone else responsible for letting this happen***".

It is time foe this NONSENSE TO STOP.

Diane McDonald, CT. said...

I think all the hate that is being spewed from your lips gives witness to the reality you are not Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics believe in the healing power of Eucharist,the sacrament of Reconciliation and the Gospel of Jesus. Did any of you hear of St. Agustine? Your evil hateful, comments will come back at you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane,

St. Augustine was not known to have gratified himself sexually with underage boys -- all the while promoting himself as a master of worship to all and sundry. His paganisms were confined to the time of life he identified himself as a pagan. He took his baptismal promises to heart. Surely in the Christian view the victims of this Jesuit's predation deserve some consideration. How can we downplay the gravity of Fr. Murray's preying on those "little ones" whose traducers Our Lord condemned -- condemned in fact in the strongest language the New Testament contains?

Peter said...

Why did Father J. Glenn Murray call it the "Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church"? That is clearly not the accurate title of what I prefer to simply call the "Vatican II Catechism." And why does he even mention the idea of "memorizing"? That's not relevant at all since there is always more to memorize and we are all mortal and limited creatures, bound to FORGET many things before we die.

Why not "memorize" the Fathers of the Church or "memorize" the Bible? It's not possible or soteriologically useful.

The CCC is actually not very "Roman" in style. Yes, I have read the whole thing. The original draft was written in French (not Latin) and there are considerable quotes and spirituality from the Eastern churches and also from our modern and highly globalized society.

Anonymous said...

How does the first comment remotely fit the criteria of a "respectful and thoughtful comments" set forth by GJBJ?

Anonymous said...

"When will the filth in the Church be expelled? When?"

Maria is the Catholic blogsphere's Travis Bickle.

Scott Williams said...

Please take down the hateful homphobic and biggoted post where Anonymous uses the word F----two times. The Catechism of the Catholic Church is very clear about this kind of unjust discrimination. While we do not know the whole story about J-Glenn we do know the hateful spirit with which this person is attaching and judging J Glenn should not be accepted in our church "The number of people who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.
Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2358"

Mike Gale said...

It's so sad that comments on this blog are so filled with homophobic hateful language which only reflect poorly that these people do not carry the love of Christ withing their hearts but rather, a deep seated need to demonized people that they may not agree of understand. Fr. McDermott is a Harvard Educated writer and Brokeback Mountain was a Oscar winner movie. It's about story telling, no matter if we agree with the people's lives in the story. If people like watching the Borgias (generations of evil popes) it doesn't mean one agrees with their behavior, not matter the office they held. Simple people, don't speak unless you understand what you say. And I agree, let's follow the Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2358

Marie Schutte said...

I've come to the conclusion that the Latin speaking posts on this blog never studied Latin. They don't understand what they mean. And, why quote Latin when it's a dead language and no one speaks it? My prayers go for the victims of abuse, for J-Glenn which we do not know all the facts but dear Lord, please forgive the most egregious of them all, these hateful, judgmental wing nuts who have offered the most un Christian hateful sprit towards another human being. This is cause for excommunication!

Anonymous said...

The three previous comments (Scott, Mike and Marie) were obviously written by the same illiterate and blatantly BENT person. Am not a redaction critic for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is for nothing, if you don't have a job.

Maria said...

(1) @ Anonymous:
How does the first comment remotely fit the criteria of a "respectful and thoughtful comments" set forth by GJBJ?

The better question: What is respectful and thoughtful about sodomizing children? How is the promotion of homosexuality at a Catholic publication like America Magazine respectful?

I thinks it is important for you to understand that these sorts of statements reflect the hurt and anger that faithful Catholics feel. We have been as sheep without shepards. We feel this way because we have been subjected to heresy for decades. The Bishops are silent. We are angry that Jesuits are permitted to assualt the one true chruch , with impunity. Perhaps, if our Bishopa did a better job of defending the teaching of the church, the laity would not resort to the kind of anger you see here.

(2) @ Diane:

"I think all the hate that is being spewed from your lips gives witness to the reality you are not Roman Catholics".

Actually, Diane, contrary to the current popular opinion, it is faithful Catholics who subscribe to the teachings of the Church who are being persecuted. We are all guilty of "hate speech". Soon we all will be imprisoned for defending the truth.

(3) "When will the filth in the Church be expelled? When?"

Maria is the Catholic blogsphere's Travis Bickle.

You have misdirected your insults. They belong to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict. It was he who referred to priests who sodomize others as " the filth in the Church".

(4) Please take down the hateful homphobic and biggoted post where Anonymous uses the word F----two times.

You are correct. The proper word is homosexual or sodomite.

(4) @ Mr. Gale:

Fr. McDermott is a Harvard Educated writer and Brokeback Mountain was a Oscar winner movie. It's about story telling

Nope. It is homosexual propoganda. That a Catholic priest would subscribe to the same and lead others to it, in a public forum, is morally reprehensible. It give scandal. No problem though. He is allowed to do this by his Provincial.

I am reminded of what Fr. Hardon said with regard to educated priests: "The more educated they are, the more sophisticated their minds become through years of education, the more they had better keep their minds in humble submission to Christ".

(5) @ Marie

"these hateful, judgmental wing nuts who have offered the most un Christian hateful sprit towards another human being".

We do not hate you. We love Jesus Christ, Marie. We love you as a sister in Christ. We do not condone homosexuality. He told us: "if you love me you will keep my commandments". We know that we will suffer in our defense of Him.

St. Ignatius tell us:

"Suffering endured for the love of Jesus Christ should be reckoned among God' greatest benefits".

St. Ignatius all tells us:

"Persecution is like a fan which excites our virtue. May God forbid that it should cease. For if it did, our virtue would languish and we should no longer fulfill our obligations as we ought".

God bless.

Maria said...

"Father Edmund Walsh, our Jesuit founder of the school of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, was in conversation with Father Lord and told him his experience when he came back from his relief mission in Russia sponsored by the Holy See. Remember, in the ’20′s? the Communists in Russia had provoked a massive famine; millions, millions died of starvation. The Holy See, among other charitable organizations, was allowed to come into Russia to supply food for the starving people. Father Walsh was the Holy See’s administrator of that relief mission for the whole Catholic world. What a beautiful gesture! The persecuted Church came to the relief of the persecutor.

After the famine had abated, Father Walsh was asked to meet Pope Pius XI in a private audience. It was in the evening, just the two, Father Walsh reporting on the success of the relief mission and the Holy Father grateful for the services of this dedicated priest and religious. As the conversation went on they began to comment, Pope and Jesuit, on the trials through which the Church was then passing: communism, opposition in Mexico, the rising of persecution in Spain. The picture was a bleak one and prospects for the Church not encouraging. Finally the Holy Father interrupted the conversation and asked a question. “Tell me, Father Walsh, “who have been the worst persecutors of the Church, tell me?” Father Walsh knew the Pope wanted to answer his own question, so he didn’t answer. The Pope said, “THE CHURCH'S WORST PERSECUTORS HAVE BEEN HER OWN UNFAITHFUL BISHOPS, PRIESTS AND RELIGIOUS.” He went on, “Opposition from the outside is terrible; it gives us many martyrs. BUT THE CHURCH'S WORST ENEMY IS HER OWN TRAITORS.”

John Hardon SJ

Anonymous said...


Defending the comments in #1 on the grounds of "look what you've made me write" is indefensible. As for addressing the sexual abuse scandal, you've mostly played possum, especially re. the hierarchy's coverup (unless the Jesuits are involved).

Re. "filth": your menacing comment (and others by you on other websites) puts you a degree or two away from making terroristic threats. As for Pope Benedict using that language, well, he would do better to engage in full transparency about what he knew & when he knew it (and then give Law et al. the boot).

Please don't hid behind the New Testament message of love to launch a hate campaign.

Finally, your endless stories about Fr. Hardon and Bishop Walsh are boring and tangential to the discussion threads.

Maria said...

Spoken like a true Jesuit, my friend. True Jesuit.

Maria said...

Re. "filth": your menacing comment (and others by you on other websites) puts you a degree or two away from making terroristic threats

I guess that makes Pope Benedict a terrorist, right, lol?

Anonymous said...

If he made the same comments you did, using the exact same words than, yes.
I'm still thinking about your blof re. Fr. Martin: "Someone needs to rein him in."

Maria said...

Pope Benedict,a terrorist. Who knew?

Maria said...

Mr Anonymous: I don' know, Mr. Anonymous. This seems pretty relevenat:


Priests who engage in sodomy, priests who promote sodomy in national Catholic publications and on their websites ? You'd have a hard time making a case otherwise, my friend.

Anonymous said...

The worst are the Church leaders who cover up sexual abuse, no?

Maria said...

"Father" McDermott list among his
"10 Movies and 10 TV Shows and 1 Online Show (he)Recommends:




Why would a Catholic priest link to these two shows that are replete with homosexuality? I guess only his provincial knows. "Father" makes his home in California where he is studying screenwritin. Wow. How we would ever get to heaven otherwise?

Jim McDermott, S.J. said...

Hi. I'm not exactly sure why the post I wrote about J-Glenn Murray's presiding was worthy of inclusion on your site, but I certainly hope you understand it in the positive spirit in which it was intended. One of the personal blessings of my ministry has been the opportunity to see how different people (and peoples) celebrate the liturgy and to share what I've seen with my readers (a.k.a. my mother, my aunts and my sister). And the procession that I described -- which to be clear took place at the African-American themed liturgy of the LA Religious Ed Congress -- was a real eye-opener for me about how we might think about the processional.

I'm sorry to read that some have had such negative experiences at Fr. Murray's liturgies; personally, I have found him a very talented liturgist. But as they say, de gustibus non disputandum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim: You should have read the first line before you tried to justify your article. Your article was of little consequence - the concern was JGMSJ being removed due to an accusation.

Catherine said...

I love the fact that when you go to leave a comment here, it states "respectful and thoughtful comments welcome" - they might be welcomed, but they aren't present. Fr. Murray's liturgies were life-giving and joy-filled. I am a better liturgist because of him. And as I read some of the hate-filled comments on this page, I can only hope that God's grace will fill your hearts. I believe we must be reminded that Jesus said "But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart, and they defile." Right now the vomit that I am reading doesn't seem to align with what our God wants from us. Movies. television... they are not as important as the compassion and care we have for ALL people on this earth - all - since we are ALL made in God's image, yes even those who use such disgusting language to talk about one of God's creations. What are you saying to God? St. Ignatius.. pray for us... from the looks of these posts WE NEED IT!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry; I thought homophobia was also sin? Why don't you read the CATHECHISM--you know, that book that states right before your eyes the precepts of YOUR faith--before you JUDGE.
THANK goodness we have someone like Maria, who is perfect in every single way to spell out everyone's rights and wrongs.

Cathy Green-Miner, LPC said...

I've known Fr J-Glenn for many years and he has ALWAYS been a gentleman, a Christian and an impressive scholar. I have a high level of respect for him and I wish him well. I have no hateful words for him. I pray for him and the person who came forward. Which one of us has not sinned? Cathy Green-Miner, LPC

Paolo from Providence said...

Discussing sin is not a sin
Discussing the sin of sodomy is not a sin. Engaging in sodomy is. Engaging in adultery is a sin. Love the sinner not the sin.

Anonymous said...

I love you Father Murray!! Keep your head up..forget these ignorant bastards..

Anonymous said...

Hateful Catholics are the reason I left the Church. Fr. Murray is very close to my family. He is loved and respected. Please remember that only two people know the truth, the accused and accuser.
Those of you spewing such hate should be ashamed of yourself. I hope, for the sack of the future, you are not raising children.

Tim said...

Dear Anonymous February 15, 2013 at 7:15 PM,

"Hateful Catholics are the reason I left the Church"

The reason you left the Church is because you lost your Faith in Jesus Christ.

If Fr. Murray was close family friend he would tell you the same.

Anonymous said...

This is the first post I have ever left anywhere in my life. I was so troubled by the sad and terrible Cardinal O'Brien story today that I went searching for sustenance online. Wow, wrong turn. This language astounds and appalls me. I can't believe my Catholic sisters and brothers would use our Lord's name and our Church's message to convey such terrible, un-Christian invective. Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, preached love and redemption. Care for the least of these. How can we follow Christ with such feelings for gays or anyone else? Our loving Lord must be weeping.

jay mark said...

This is my first time on this blog as I was internet searching for Fr. J. Glenn Murray. When I read some of the comments by supposed catholic (small "c" denoting their level of Catholicism) Christians, I was ashamed for them. That a 'priest' would dance down an aisle seems upsetting, but our Catholic Bible records many instances of people dancing in joy when reverencing God. God is not the god of a joyless people, He is the God of life and life ought to lead us to joy, for His sake and more importantly, our sake. Fr. Murray gave far more to me than I can ever repay with his words of the love of God and the joy of being Catholic. No matter what he has been accused of or may even be guilty of, I assure you, God did not send His Son for the righteous, but for people like me, sinners who struggle sometimes on a daily or hourly basis to overcome sinfulness. That God loves me even though I have failed Him many times, is a blessing I do not deserve. Fr. Murray helped me to understand that our God is not a god of one-time-and-you-are-out, but a God of second chances, third chances and in my case, ten thousand chances. I will love the sinner, but I can despise the sin, all in the same breath. Thank you, Father God, for the blessing Fr. Murray has been to sinners like me.