Monday, June 20, 2011

Flashback 1928: Assassin Breaks Into The Jesuit House In Rome

Jesuit Curia in Rome
A friend of Signor Benito Mussolini dating from before his rise to power is the learned Jesuit scholar, Father Tacchi-Venturi of Rome. He persuaded Il Duce some years ago to present a State collection of ancient religious books to the Vatican. Generally it is known that Father Tacchi-Venturi has since been the chief intermediary between his Great & Good Friend and Pope Pius XI in recent attempts to negotiate a settlement of the Roman Question (TIME, Feb. 13). Last week a paper knife entered the flesh of Jesuit Tacchi-Venturi amid dramatic circumstances. To the House of the Jesuits at Rome there had come and yanked the ancient bellpull a decently dressed youth who announced himself as Signor De Angelis. He must, he said, he must make an important confession to good Father Tacchi-Venturi. The porter, rubbing sleepy eyes, told the youth that his desired confessor was immersed in study, could not be disturbed.
Next day Signor De Angelis returned, yanked the bell still more violently, and prevailed upon the porter to usher him into the Jesuit's study. Father Tacchi-Venturi, upon raising his eyes from his papers, saw a pale, demented face and a hand which grasped a slender, dagger-like paper knife. Quick, the assassin sprang. Quicker, the Jesuit dodged. As a result the knife barely lacerated the neck skin of Father Tacchi-Venturi. 
Meanwhile the sleepy porter had valorously collared Signor De Angelis. The incident closed when Father Tacchi-Venturi's neck was neatly bound up at the Santo Spirito Hospital. Later, seated in an armchair, he received a visit of condolence from Pietro Cardinal Gasparri, suave Papal Secretary of State.
Link (here) to read the Time Magazine article.

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