Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Controversial Jesuit Removed From PRODH In Mexico

Fr. Luis Arriga Valenzuela, S.J.
.....the provincial leaders of the Jesuit order in Canada and Mexico issued a statement defending Arriaga and PRODH on Wednesday of last week, Arriaga’s exit was announced only two days later on the PRODH website. Luis Arriaga Valenzuela ends his term as director of the PRODH Center,” the site’s headline reads in Spanish, and added that the “new leader” is to be Jesuit priest José Rosario Marroquín Farrera. No mention was made of Arriaga’s next destination.  In the transition ceremony, Fr. Arriaga gave a speech defending his administration of PRODH, and openly endorsed his organization’s ongoing association with the pro-abortion All Rights for Everyone Network (Red Todos los Derechos para Todas y Todos) which is also listed by "D&P" as one of its grant recipients. The network is openly pro-abortion, and includes as one of its members the group “Catholics for the Right to Decide.” Arriaga also revealed during the speech that PRODH has been a member of the coordinating committee of the organization for the past year. Fr. Arriaga’s exit marks the end of a 22 year career with PRODH. Since Arriaga rose to the leadership position of the organization in 2007, PRODH signed multiple pro-abortion “human rights” declarations, urging the decriminalization of abortion in Mexico in accordance with Mexico City’s abortion-on-demand law, which permits and even finances abortions for any reason during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. 
Link (here) to read the full article at Lifesite.


Maria said...

Your defense at the tribunal before God.

"If you present yourself before the tribunal of Jesus Christ in mortal sin, what will you reply to the accusations brougt against you? Will you excuse yourself by your ignorance? but you had the lights of conscience and of faith; on your weakness? but you had grace; on your temptations? but you had prayer and the Sacraments; on the scandals that have led you astray? but you had so many holy examples to instruct you. Leaving excuses, will you have recourse to the intercession of Holy Mary and of the Saints? they can no longer do anything for you; to the mercy of Jesus Christ? he is henceforward the God of justice, and no longer the God of clemency: "My eyes shall not spare them, neither will I show mercy". (Ezech. 8:18).

St. Ingatius

TonyD said...

Thanks Maria. I appreciate this particular quote – and I find it unusually accurate about God’s mercy.

But I don’t agree that we have many holy examples to instruct us. We are distant from God’s values, and so we are tested for the internal, immaterial change that would prove our movement toward God’s values. We are not “given the answers” to a test, since the change must be genuine. If anything, as we progress situations are often composed so that the correct answer is exactly the opposite of the judgment you might have memorized (forcing you to use real, internal values to come to a judgment).

I wish I could explain more, but that "thin veil" is opaque for a reason.

Maria said...

Tony: We never have as many holy examples as the Lord would like; however, we always, always have the Saints. They are my examples and my bright lights in the darkness...