Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Until I Entered A Jesuit High School

Micheal Moriarty
Divorce, unless overseen by the Holy Spirit, is war. The Holy Spirit wasn't to enter my life until I entered a Jesuit high school (U of D Jesuit High School). Until then, my sister and I were the children of war. Now, as I ponder the Jihadists' terrorism and Islam's apparent aim to "dominate the world". I realize how imminent a world conflict is. Yes, a world war, making billions of human beings the children of war. There is a certain safety and comfort in numbers when you've lived your childhood in the secrets of war by divorce. Then again, with the present day weapons of mass destruction awaiting their starring entrance upon the world stage of a suicidal world, and a war that appears to be inevitable because of a very temporary but deadly alliance between the Communists and Islam, one wonders if our Far Left and Islamic leaning President Obama is willing to defend any part of Judeo-Christianity at all.
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John P Hayes said...

Barrack Obama is actually a tepid liberal with strongly conservative tendencies, and a constitutional law professor.

Like most extremeists, the lefties you evidently dislike tend to flock with those of the opposite point of view when challenged from the center, and resort to arguments against the man when fact and reason inevitably fail them.

I do not like much of Mr. Obama's Era's policymaking, such as the crackpot requirement in our national healthcare act that extremely low income persons must produce proof of insurance coverage or pay fines.

With what will they pay fines if they can't even afford minimal premiums, a pound of flesh? And how will us Treasury find them and enforce the law when they are already under-staffed, by establishing a National Healthcare Police? This is too Monty Pythonesque.

But, then, I am not so sure measures such as that were his team's work-product. Perhaps, they owe more to another side of things?

This was a lesson I learned from Irish Jesuits, intellectual and spiritual heirs to the abbots of ancient Erin.

Intil I entered a Jesuit High School, I considered the OLd Irish I knew basically useless. They taught me otherwise. They also taught me to have a healthy skeptical attitude towards anyone who promises reforms, who promises salvation at a price, and who claims authority with no evidence of humility or dedication to service as participation in a penance, and who promise anything other than amelioration of human suffering.