Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jesuit On The New Missal

To help Jesuits throughout the U.S. to prepare for the new translation of the Roman Missal, Jesuit Father John Baldovin, Professor of Historical & Liturgical Theology at Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry, was asked to give a presentation explaining the historical background of the Roman Missal, with a brief overview of the changes in this translation along with some ideas for faithful ministers of the church to engage this new translation responsibly and use it as well as possible.

His video presentation, The New Roman Missal: Challenge & Opportunity, appears (here) at


Mary Pope-Handy said...

Thanks for posting this. Fr. Baldovin was my MA thesis director a very long time ago - I enjoyed finding his info via your site. Thanks.

(I was trying to see if I could send you this msg privately but did not see any contact info for you. I don't mind if you publish my comment or not - but your readers may not be interested in my educational background so I will not be the least offended if you do not publish it.)

mary (at)

pat scanlan said...

Fr Baldovin enlightens us in a leading, lucid, albeit scholarly, and friendly way. Further his recommendation of Keith Pecklers SJ 'The Genius of The Roman Rite'is a joy, further, its inspiration and perspective, as to further conversion, leads us away from 'liturgical isolationism' towards a faithful 'liturgy of God's world in the service of those most in need' (quoted from Pecklers' conclusion p117) Many thanks Pat Scanlan said...

Of course, the writer is totally fair.