Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jesuits Stop Organizing And Funding Nationwide Protest At Fort Benning

In 2009, the ISN gathered the national Ignatian family for its final year of participation in the SOA protest.
Link (here) to read the full announcement at the National Jesuit News
Some background (here) and (here)

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TonyD said...

While I'm no advocate of the "School of the Americas" (in spite of having taught classes to Delta, Seals, Rangers, and other non-existent people at Ft.Benning). It is clear that there are no easy solutions to the problems that we, as a society, face. Too often, we can only chose who will suffer.

In the classes that I taught, the attendees sensed that there are evil people in the world. People willing to inflict terrible suffering. (A concept no one on this list should have a problem with). The issue is -- how do we respond? And, in particular, how do we cultivate the judgment to decide between bad options?

There are lessons here to be learned. I suspect that most people don't want to hear them.