Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dismissed Former New England Province Jesuit Priest And Radical Passes Away at 78

Father William R. Callahan, an international leader in movements for social justice, peace, and reform of the Roman Catholic Church, died July 5th at Community Hospice Hospital in Washington, DC due to complications from Parkinsons disease. He was 78. Callahan, a Jesuit until the early 1990's, was dedicated to the justice call of the reformist Second Vatican Council [1962-1965] in the Roman Catholic Church. He was best known for his leadership for peace and justice in Central America, especially in Nicaragua, and for his advocacy of gender equality in the Catholic Church, including women’s ordination.
Link (here) to read the full story at Baltimore Nonviolence Center blog


Anonymous said...

Dolly (my focus is pottery and social justice) Pomerleau says it all. These tedious mavericks always have cassock-clinging women in the background. Providentially, as death's winnowing hand is applied, they are getting fewer and fewer. Good heart, wrong head.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I should have added that invariably these tiresome women are also manipulative.