Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Well We Don't Really Talk Like That Anymore

Here is great Jesuit "slice of life" from the blog entitled Badger Catholic

When I was discerning some years ago I felt called to the Society of Jesus.  I knew the diocesan priesthood was not for me.  But reading the stories of all the Jesuit saints and stories of American Jesuit priest drinking stout beer during Lent to help subsist in their fasting made me realize if there was an order for me, this was it. I called the provincial vocations office.  I remember this exchange (paraphrased) from the conversation.

Vocations Director: So what drew you to the Society of Jesus? (since I have never even met a Jesuit)
Me: Well, I think of the Jesuits as the Marines of the Catholic Church.
Vocations Director: (somewhat taken aback) ... well, what do you mean?
Me: Well when the Church has needed something really important done, She sends in the Jesuits.
Vocations Director: ...Well we don't really talk like that anymore (I assume he was thinking "Church Militant")
Me:  .... oh.

Link (here) to read the Badger's full post

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