Friday, July 16, 2010

Painting A Picture With Words

The Jesuit Louis-Daniel Le Comte, thus describes the Chinese emperor Camhi. " The emperor appeared to me of stature above the average, more corpulent than those among us who are proud of their shape, but a little less so than a Chinese desires to be ; the face full and marked with the smallpox ; the forehead large ; the nose and eyes small, like those of the Chinese ; the mouth handsome, and the lower part of the face very agreeable. His demeanour is benevolent, and one remarks in all his manners and actions, something which indicates the sovereign and is distinguished."

From a Letter of Father Ferdinand Verbiest, sent from Pekin, the capital of China, to Europe ; concerning a Second Journey which he made with the Emperor of China, beyond the great Chinese Wall into Tartary. 
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