Friday, July 9, 2010

The Apostle Of Leece

St. Bernardino Realino (1530-1616), the Apostle of Leece, was of the Italian nobility. Before entering the Society of Jesus, he was an accomplished lawyer. He was also a chief tax collector, a mayor, and a judge. He also became a superintendent of the fiefs of the marquis of Naples. Yet, despite his success, St. Realino found himself unfulfilled with worldly honors. When he heard God’s call, he gave up everything to be a religious, a priest, a Jesuit. He became a model confessor, a sincere preacher, and a diligent teacher of the faith to the young.  He was a dedicated shepherd of souls and a pastor to the poor, the slaves, the sick, and the prisoners. When he was 32, he wrote to his brother, “I have no desire for the honors of this world, but solely for the glory of God and the salvation of my soul.”
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