Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fr. James Martin, S.J., "The Presbyterian Church's Decision Is A Positive Reflection Of Society's Greater Acceptance Of Gays And Lesbians In Our Country."

The Catholic Church, however, shows no signs of loosening its stance towards g@y ordination or same-sex marriage. Father James Martin, a Jesuit priest and BT expert, said the likelihood of a similar action in the Catholic Church is "slim to none." 
The Vatican, he said, "has been very clear about not accepting gay men into seminaries and religious orders." 
But Father Martin added, "the Presbyterian Church's decision is a positive reflection of society's greater acceptance of gays and lesbians in our country."
Link (here) to read the full post at the liberal secular blog/site Big Think


TonyD said...

How can Fr.Martin call the reflection "positive"? I don't follow his logic.

Someone can value life, but still find themselves involved in an abortion.

But I don't know how someone can value traditional marriage, but "find themselves" involved in a same sex relationship.

Scott in Scranton said...

Fr. Martin has become a self-appointed guardian of something. He continues to flirt with self destruction.