Friday, July 9, 2010

Jesuit On The Motu Proprio And The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass

What is key for Fr. Kieth Pecklers, S.J. however, is that the assembly celebrating the liturgy connects what goes on inside church with the world outside. "You can have the most beautiful liturgy in the world, but if you don't have people on board, it won't matter," he says. His own efforts to make that happen include co-founding Caravita, an international Catholic community that meets in Rome's St. Francis Xavier Caravita Church. Still, 
Pecklers is concerned by the trend toward the liturgical past. While acknowledging that today's liturgy isn't perfect, going back is no solution. "The pre-Vatican II liturgy was as idiosyncratic as the post-Vatican II liturgy, but in different ways. There's no golden age there either." 
We Catholics talk a lot about the centrality of the Eucharist, but do you think everyday Catholics, even priests, really get what Mass is all about? I still am not convinced that 40 years after the second Vatican Council the average Catholic actually grasps what it is that we're being called to when we go to Mass on Sunday. 
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"Hic est enim calix sanguinis mei" means "For this is the Chalice of my blood" translation (here)

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