Thursday, July 15, 2010


On 4 June 1996, Robert F. Drinan, S.J., identifying himself as a Jesuit priest and professor of law at Georgetown, endorsed near-birth abortions — which even Sen. Patrick Moynihan said, "is to close to infanticide," and which former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said is never medically necessary. On that date, 
Fr. Drinan in a New York Times Op-ed piece told the president he was right to veto the bill which would have saved viable children from a ghastly and barbaric death. 
For the first time a quisling met his match. Cardinal Law attacked the piece and The Pilot for one had a seething editorial. John Cardinal O’Connor, in Catholic New York, thundered, "I’m sorry Fr. Drinan, but you are wrong, dead wrong. You could have raised your formidable voice for life, you raised it for death. Hardly the role of a lawyer, surely not the role of a priest."
Link (here) to the full article entitled, Of Quislings and Kisslings: foot soldiers in the Culture of Death by Dr. Joseph R. Stanton, MD

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