Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marquette Warrior On Recruiting Violations

From Milwaukee News Buzz, the following in a story about the role of Archbishop Listecki in the rejection of Jodi O’Brien, l@sbian candidate for Dean of Arts and Sciences at Marquette. 
Professor Nancy Snow (picture)says the selection committee vetted O’Brien’s work and found nothing to object to before recommending her and another candidate for the job. She insists that university leadership has long been familiar with the professor since it sent a representative to Seattle to encourage her to apply for the dean position. Two years prior, she had applied for the same position, which has been occupied by an interim dean, but withdrew from consideration for family reasons.
This appears to confirm our inference that O’Brien was the designated l@sbian affirmative action candidate for the deanship, moved forward by liberal faculty and administrators who viewed her appointment as a move toward “diversity” at Marquette.
Link (here) to the Marquette Warrior John C. McAdams, his post is entitled, Marquette Heavily Requited L@sbian Dean Candidate Jodi O'Brien.

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