Saturday, May 22, 2010

Xavier University Jesuit Working In Prision

Easter’s promise of new life and hope held true for seven inmates at Lebanon Correctional Institution (LeCI) as they were received into the Catholic faith on April 4. Those initiated were Mark Gumm, Neal Harmon, Jeremy Lansing, Larry Stevens, Carl Geddes, Bruce McCune and Jeffrey Whalen.

Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr presided at the joyous Easter Mass, held in the LeCI chapel and concelebrated by Jesuit Father Gene Carmichael. Approximately 120 people attended the liturgy, including members of various area parishes and about a dozen family members of the incarcerated men, none of whom had worshipped in the prison chapel before.

Link (here) to Rich Leonardi's blog entitled Ten Reasons, his entire post, Easter's Promise
Photo is of the Lebanon Correctional Instituation at night.

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